My Genealogy

My KELSALL family is from Buckley in Flintshire, North Wales. Eight generations of Kelsalls have lived in Buckley from the mid 1700s to the present. Most of the Kelsall men have been coal miners, although the last mine closed in Buckley in the 1930s. My father, Charlie, played professional football for Wrexham.

I grew up in Buckley and attended Lane End Infants, Buckley County Primary (the “Board School”), Mold Alun Grammar, and Imperial College, London. I am currently living in Highlands Ranch, a suburb of Denver, Colorado.

Our Kelsall family can be traced with reasonable certainty to James Kelsall and Johanna Short who were married in Audley, Staffordshire in 1563. James moved to Audley from Cheadle in Cheshire sometime before 1539 and died in Audley in 1583. James’ son, William was Vicar of Audley at the time of the English Civil War. From James to my children, we can trace 14 generations of the Kelsall name. An article, The Kelsall Family of Audley, has been published in the Audley Historian, Number 5.

The Kelsall history in Buckley, Flintshire is traced back to the late 1700s through family records, the Hawarden parish registers, and the 1841 to 1881 censuses. It appears that the family originated in Buckley with Richard Kelsall and Mary BERKS who moved with their children from Staffordshire to Buckley most probably between 1750 and 1755. Richard Kelsall was involved with coal in Audley and it is likely that the family moved when new coal mines were opening in the Buckley area.

I am also interested in these other names:

IREDALE: My grandfather, John Iredale was born in Huddersfield, Yorkshire in 1881. I have traced his family to William Iredale, born about 1775.

SHONE: My grandmother, Lily Shone was born in Buckley, Flintshire in 1879. I have traced her family to John Shone, born about 1740.

BLOOR: My great-great-grandmother, Esther Bloor was born in 1821 in Hanley, Staffordshire. Her parents were Enoch Bloor and Elizabeth Pool. She married Samuel Shone on December 15, 1839 in Hanley. Additional information on the Bloor name can be found at the Bloor Society web site.

EVANS: My grandmother, Margaret Evans was born in Buckley in 1886.

BECKETT: My great-grandmother, Hannah Beckett was born in 1857 in Great Mollington, Cheshire.

FENNAH: My great-great grandmother, Mary Fennah was born in Buckley in 1827.


Also in Huddersfield: ANELEY, BURLEY.

Also in Longton/Fenton: SHUFFELBOTHAM, POOL.

Also from my wife’s family: WITTBECKER, SCOVILL and MOHR (Freeport, Illinois), ROITZ and BUTLER (Pueblo, Colorado). The SCOVILL line traces to the 1600s in Dorset.


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