The Kelsall Family of Audley

The following is extracted from The Kelsall Family of Audley published in the Audley Historian, Number 5. A price list for publications of the Audley & District Family History Society may be obtained from:

Joan Dobson, C’est La Vie, Scot Hay Road, Alsagers Bank, Stoke on Trent, Staffs. England.



The connection to Audley was originally obtained from the family history of Richard Kelsall found in the LDS Ancestral File submitted by John McNamara of Queensland, Australia. John kindly sent me copies of materials he had obtained from Stella Meaton of Crewe, including George Kelsall’s petition and pedigree charts.

I am especially indebted to Pat Spode, Robert Speake and Stan Brassington of the Audley & District Family History Society for obtaining and translating wills from Lichfield and for translating additional wills I had obtained from Chester. I have also obtained assistance from many others including: Helen Kelsall Wilson, Margaret Pember, Ian Bailey, Robert Mayer, Ian Bloor, Joan Dobson, and David Kelsall. Last, but certainly not least, I am of course indebted to my parents, Charles and Joan Kelsall of Buckley. Full references are provided in the original article.

The Kelsall family tree in Audley prior to about 1720 is largely derived from the “ Kelsall Pedigrees”, a manuscript held by the Staffordshire Record Office. Information on later generations is obtained from a set of pedigrees used by George Kelsall in 1833 in connection with his claim for the estate of his grandfather, Richard Kelsall and from the history of Audley published by Richard Parrott in 1733.

The original Kelsall Pedigrees includes hundreds of family trees and this introduction. “An alphabetical genealogy of all the persons which are in any whitt a near neighbour unto me as far I know or can get information of.”. The original manuscript is delicate and not available for open inspection, but the Staffordshire Record Office is in the process of preparing a complete transcript. The Audley Family History Society holds hand-drawn copies of some of the pedigrees relating to Audley Parish, but their holdings do not include any Kelsall families. The author commissioned a transcript of the sections relating to the Kelsall name in 1999. According to Parrott , William Kelsall of Hall o’ Wood compiled the Kelsall Pedigrees between 1680 and 1690. In the Kelsall sections the latest dates written in the original hand are from 1711 while dates starting in 1714 appear in a different hand. William Kelsall died in 1720.


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